Power Amplifiers
Laboratory, Audio, Modules, Custom


PS125 100Watt Open Frame Power Amplifier
VT3   High Voltage Power Amplifier for driving Piezo Activators, Stacks
GP75 General purpose laboratory amplifier, +/-75V, 4A !! NEW !!
PM224 200Watt MOSFET amplifier module
OEM Custom amplifier design, prototypes and production

High performance Audio

PM2 100W module
PM21 Dual 65Watt module
PM221 50 Watt module
MB42 300W subwoofer amp;
PM224 200Watt MOSFET module
PM48 2x12Watt internal stereo amplifier for PC
MB401 300W MOSFET Monoblock Power Amplifier
MB501 125W MOSFET Power Amplifier
MB26 10W EL84 tube push-pull monoblock
BTA40 40W Single Ended Tube Amplifier   Available soon   !! NEW !!

We also make custom amplifiers.
For example, the VT3 model shown below is custom made to drive piezo stacks of 40uF with 200V square waves.
Output is protected for short circuits. Amplifier also protected against overtemperature..

Inside view of the VT3: