Custom electronic circuit design and manufacturing

Do you have special needs? We can make it for you! We can design special equipment for you to your specifications. Then we build it for you. Prototypes and production. Please give us a call at (585)423 0462 or email us. We specialize in small quantities.

Typical applications:Custom electronic circuit design
Custom products.
Field test equipment.
Production line test fixtures.

High performance analog circuits.
Analog filters; active or passive.
Power amplifiers.
Analog/digital mixed mode.
Printed circuit design singe/double/multi-layer.
Embedded microprocessor programming.
Small quantity or medium quantity production.

Below are some examples of products we designed for our customers:

High voltage amplifier for driving piezo stack:

The VT3 model shown below is custom made to drive piezo stacks of 40uF with 200V square waves.
Output is protected for short circuits. Amplifier also protected agains overtemperature..

Custom Power Amplifier

Inside view of the VT3:

Custom Power Amplifier - inside view

Subsonic filter box:

Subsonic Filter Box

Small metal enclosure.
Uses wall transformer power supply.
RCA connectors on rear, controls on top.

8 Channel filter:

8 Channel Filter

19" rack metal enclosure.
8 channel, 48dB/octave filter.
BNC connectors on front panel.
Signal indicator LED's on front panel.

Balanced high pass filter:

Balanced High Pass Filter

Small metal enclosure.
XLR connectors on two sides.
Second order high-pass filters.
High quality inductors and capacitors.
Part number is XM46XLR.

High voltage power amp + inverter:

High Voltage Power Amp + Inverter

Output voltage range +/-150V (p-p).
24VDC power input with on-board inverter.
DC-125KHz power bandwidth.
All MOSFET amplifier design.