XM66 Electronic Crossover Network

XM66 Electronic Crossover Network

Steep 24 dB/octave slope.
Frequency response  5-20000Hz
Crossover frequency selection 20 - 4500 Hz.
Selectable low-cut filter 20Hz (on-off switch)
Outputs are always in phase.
Digital crossover frequency readout.
Fourth order constant voltage design (Linkwitz-Riley).

The XM66 electronic crossover network is a fourth order constant voltage crossover design. The unit provides both low-pass and high-pass outputs. The slope of both outputs is 24 dB/octave. Because of the fourth order design the high-pass and low-pass outputs of the crossover are always in phase with each other. The crossover network is implemented as a fourth order state variable filter. This filter provides both the high-pass and low-pass function simultaneously, guaranteeing a near perfect match of the high-pass and low-pass responses. The crossover frequency of the XM66 electronic crossover can easily be changed from the front panel with a switch, from 20 Hz to 4500 Hz, in steps ranging from 1 Hz at 20 Hz to 100 Hz at 4500Hz. The actual crossover frequency is displayed on a 4-digit LED display.  Individual level controls are provided for left and right channels high and low pass outputs. A damping control, common to left and right channels, allows adjustment of the frequency response at the crossover frequency.
The electronic crossover network can also be used to drive a subwoofer, where the subwoofer is shared by the two channels of the stereo system. In the summing mode the left and right channel low pass signals are averaged and presented at both left and right low pass output.This is useful where a single subwoofer is used. The phase control switch for each channel can be used to invert the signal of the low pass outputs. This can be used to compensate for an inverting power amplifier.
The XM66 has both RCA and XLR connectors.

SPECIFICATIONS Frequency response: 2Hz to 50 KHz, + 0.2 dB/ -3 dB Crossover frequency: 20 Hz - 4.5 KHz Insertion gain: 0dB ( 1X ) Filter slope: 24 dB/Octave Harmonic distortion: less than 0.01% (at 1 KHz) Signal to Noise ratio: better than 100dB ,ref 1VRMS Input impedance: 100K Output load capability: 100 Ohm min Output impedance: 10 Ohm typ Maximum input voltage: 25 V peak-peak (8.8 V RMS) Maximum output voltage: 25 V peak-peak (8.8 V RMS) Power supply requirement:120/220 VAC, 50/60Hz, 17W typical Dimensions: 17"W X 10"D X 3.5"H Construction: All metal cabinet, black with white legend FRONT PANEL CONTROLS and READOUTS Level controls: -5dB to +5 dB (4 each) Damping: -5dB to +5 dB at xover frequency. Phase invert: +/- Low pass: on/off Summing mode: on/off Power switch: on/off Frequency: momentary up/down Frequency readout: 4 digit LED, 20Hz to 4500Hz REAR PANEL CONNECTORS Inputs, outputs: RCA , XLR (6 each) Line power fuse: 1 Amp Power: IEC connector, line cord detached ORDERING INFORMATION XM66-AA Electronic Crossover, RCA+XLR connectors
XM66-BLUE Blue display option
XM66-GREEN Green display option

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We offer red, blue or green displays.

Electronic Crossover With Blue Display