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Windows program for calculating component values for the frequency modules of any model crossover.XM1, XM9, XM16, XM26, XM44, XM46, XM126.The calculator takes entries for crossover model, crossover frequency and slope and displays the resistor/capacitor values for the frequency modules and also a plot of the frequency response.The resistor values can be shown either as the exact calculated values or as the nearest standard values.


Function Generator.

Test Tone Generator - Test your equipment, your speakers & what you hear

Windows program implements a very simple function generator using the pc sound system.
Generates sine wave signals from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Also has white noise and pink noise.


Real Time Analyzer.

Windows program implements a two channel third octave real time spectrum anaylser.  30 Bands are from 25 Hz to 20KHz. Needs fast processor (at least 1GHz Pentium) for proper operation. 4th order butterworth filters make for good selectivity. Can show left channel, right channel or both.


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