PM148: PCI/PCIe version


PM48: ISA version (for older computers)

2x12 Watt Stereo Amplifier Adapter for PC

PM48 Fits directly into ISA  slot.
PM148 Fits directly into PCI or PCIe   slot.
PXI and cPCI models available soon.
Connects directly to soundcard with single cable.
Uses internal 12V power supply ot the PC.
Connections for standard 'home' loudspeaker for superior sound
Low Distortion (0.1% @ 1WRMS)
12 Watt per channel into 4 Ohm load
6 Watt per channel into 8 Ohm load
Great for audio PC

The PM48/PM148 stereo power amplifier allows the use of quality home type loudspeaker with the Personal Computer soundcard. This results in a dramatic improvement in sound quality compared with the usual amplified speaker.  The amplifier connects to the sound card using a simple patch cable with 3.5mm phono plugs. The amplifier plugs directly into an unused slot in your computer. The power comes from the internal power supply of the PC, using the same connector that is used to power optional disk drives. Most PC's have plenty of power reserves in the power supply to power the amp.Two models are available, one for the older ISA slots and one for the PCI/PCIe slot, found in most desktop computers of today. Otherwise the two models are electrically the same. The PM48 has two sets of banana plugs to connect to the loudspeakers. The PM148 uses a 9-pin DSUB connector to connect to the loudspeakers and soundacrd (adapter cable is included with the PM148). The power amplifier chip is the TDA8563Q made by Philips Semiconductor. This device has internal protections against short circuits (in case the louspeaker wires get shorted) and overheating, so it is completely safe.

Frequency response:           20Hz to 20 Khz, +/- 1 dB  
Insertion gain:               20 dB
Harmonic distortion at 1 KHz: better than 0.1% Output power: 12W/channel into 4 Ohm Signal-to-noise ratio: better than 100 dB Input impedance: 10K Typ. Output load capability: 2 Ohm min (4 or 8 Ohm typical). Power supply voltage: 12 VDC Dimensions: 8" x 4.75" x 0.75" Weight: approx. 1/4 pounds (.12 Kg) Input Connector: 3.5mm stereo phono plug Output connector: Binding posts (2 each for left and right channel) ORDERING INFORMATION: PM48-A ......stereo power amp for ISA PM148-A......stereo power amp for PCI / PCIe PM248-A......6-channel power amp for PCI

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