Discontinued : not available anymore
Please check the LN112 for tube preamp.

LN108 Tube Phono Preamp

Precise RIAA correction.
8Hz subsonic filter.
MM 40dB gain
Low noise: 81dB SNR.
Small size.

The LN108 tube phono preamp  provides precision amplification and RIAA correction for MM cartridges. Standard input load is 47K and 120pF; others are available. A 8Hz subsonic filter suppresses all frequencies below 8 Hz while keeping the in band sound signals unaffected.
The subsonic filter greatly reduces unwanted cone movements due to record warp, etc.
Power is provided using a 15VDC wall adapter. This is a cost effective way to provide power while eliminating powerline hum.
We use the highest quality parts, 1% metal film resistors and 2% polypropylene capacitors for superior sound. The preamp uses 3 12AX7WA dual triode  tubes. We normally use Sovtek, but can also supply other brands. Each channel uses two triodes for voltage amplification and one triode as a cathode follower. The  RIAA network uses a passive configuration. The power for the filaments is regulated 12VDC, using an internal voltage regulator. A DC/DC converter steps the 12V to 240VDC plate voltage.
The LN108 can be used "stand alone" or can be built into the base of the turntable or into existing preamps.

For a review of the LN106 and LN108 in UHF magazine issue 73 click here.; go to page 35

Inputs: 1 pair of heavy duty gold RCA connectors.
Output: 1 pair of heavy duty gold RCA connectors.
Grounding: Binding post near input connectors.
Power: 2.1mm power jack for 15VDC wall xformer.

Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz +/- 0.25dB
Input impedance: 47 KOhm + 120pF
Output Impedance: 500 Ohm.
Gain: 40dB @ 1KHz.
Signal to noise ratio: 81dB ref. 5mV input@1KHz, A weighted.
Equ. input noise voltage: 0.044uVRMS, A weighted
Output load: 10KOhm or higher.
Max. output voltage: 7 VRMS.
Dimensions: 2" x 3" x 6"

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